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In the "Something Old, Something New" department....

We are pleased to announce the the return of UP Dunsmuir to the railroadradio air waves, as well as, the arrival of a new stream out of Boyce, Virginia. Please check them out. The folks in Virginia have worked very hard to provide this stream and it's based in the Boyce Depot!


Two streams have returned and one new stream is now live!

After being down for over a year, the BNSF/UP Tri-Cities WA stream has been reactivated. Click Here to listen.

The south end of the BNSF Seattle Sub stream was down since October due to internet connectivity issues at the Bawfaw Peak repeater site where the reciever is located. The issues have been resolved and the stream is back online! Click Here to listen.  

As a result of the repairs to Bawfaw Peak, A new stream is now online. Activity on the Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad between Centralia and Aberdeen, WA is now available for your enjoyment. Head over to the stream's information page and have a listen.



It was 20 years ago on this date that we started streaming using this website format, increased Stream count and bandwidth availability.

One might say that we've reached our 20 Year Anniversary of continuous operation and service to the Railfan Community.  Something rather amazing in this day and age, quite frankly.

Thanks to all our dedicated stream hosts and listeners! 


Here's something of interest for our Fire Buff / Public Safety Members interested in Fire Patch Collecting...