Welcome to RailroadRadio.net!


Union Pacific in the Omaha Area is now available.

Our most recent stream to be made available is UP's Omaha Area, for now monitoring the Dispatcher 20 Road Channel.

This stream is still under development but has been testing out well and we felt it's ready for prime-time and more

info will be provided as it is developed. You can go directly to the stream's info page by clicking this link.


Upper Cajon / Hesperia Stream returns to the air-waves.

After quite a bit of teething trouble, we think we're ready to re-announce the return of the BNSF Upper Cajon/Hesperia

Stream. You will hear trains leaving San Bernadino and then hear them again as they crest Summitt and work

their ways towards Barstow. Coverage in the lower portion of Cajon is obscured by local and distant intervening terrain,

but it's still an active piece of railroad, that's for sure! You can go directly to the stream's page by clicking here.


Introducing Carrollton, Missouri Home of BNSF's Transcon and the NS WB Junction!

This stream is still under development but it's located at its final receiver location and the train action is hot and 

heavy at times, so it's too good not to share! BNSF, NS, and even some UP Trackage Rights trains are the order

of the day, 5 to 6 Defect Detectors and NS trains calling out the CPs all can be heard with excellent communications

clarity. There are ATCS models available for this area as well. Tune in here to listen to BNSF run 50-70 trains a day

through this busy stretch of track!


Three Washington State Streams Added - on Friday the 13th no less!!

We're very honored to be hosting three long time running streams which have started streaming to our servers here at 

Railroadradio.net!  Spokane, Pasco, and Wenatchee Washington are now available for your listening pleasure.

You can go directly to their respective pages by clicking their name-links above.  Enjoy.

Cincinnati Returns to RailroadRadio.net...

We are pleased to welcome back a Stream of the Greater Cincinnati Area!

There is so much activity in the area that this is a STEREO Stream, meaning two radios monitoring several channels

and split between right and left channels of your listening device. CSX, Norfolk Southern, and the Indiana & Ohio are featured.

You can listen to this stream here .




You can now listen to our Streams via Landline and Non Smartphone Cell

Thanks to a generous offer by Telecurve, we have added the ability

for railroadradio users to dial into the stream of their choice using their

landline phone or non-data-enabled cell phone

(Long distance charges may apply - depending on your Long Distance plan). 


On most every stream page you will see a link and quick

explanation on what no. to press on your phone's dial pad once you've

connected to Telecurve's main no. which is 712-432-4216.

You can also navigate to the stream of interest via the voice menu system

they have provided.


We have received very positive feedback from users who find

this very convenient when they are out in the field and either don't have a

smart phone, or don't have a good enough data connection to allow for

clear streaming.


It is also handy when a stream of choice has reached its listener

max count (Steam excursion trains usually do this).